Welcome to agrasara.org, the website of Agrasara Bouddha Anathalaya (Orphan Destitute Home for the Minorities), an oldest and biggest Orphan & Destitute Home in Bangladesh since 1944.

This orphanage established on 1944, immediate ending-part of World War-II, by His Holiness Most Venerable 24th Mahasnganayaka late Visuddhananda Mahathero, an Internationally Reported Humanitarian Leader and Supreme Patriarch of The Buddhist of Bangladesh, after the holy demise of his preceptor Agrasara Mahathero. It has been rendering manifold benevolent services for the suffering humanity especially for the most unfortunate destitute, helpless and parentless children irrespective caste creed and religion from the very beginning of its establishment. It provides free food, shelter cloths and medicine along with free education from primary to higher secondary level. It also provides free general and technical education to the female students up to degree (Graduation) level who may stands on her own footing.

It is our earnest wish and cordial request you will find out more information by browsing this website.